Jay Dee aka J Dilla (1974-2006)


I’ve been meaning to write this entry for a while but found myself putting it off all weekend. At first I wasn’t sure how LA-centric this was, but even though he was from Detroit, J Dilla was living in LA and his mom moved here to take care of him, so that’s about as LA as it gets I suppose. Now it’s time to get down to it though.

On Friday one of the most accomplished and respected producers in hip-hop, Jay Dee aka J Dilla died of complications resulting from a long battle with various illnesses, he was 32.

Born James Yancey, he was a founding member of Slum Village and a member of A Tribe Called Quest’s production team, The Ummah. He’s also well known for his work producing tracks for Busta Rhymes, Common, De La Soul, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, The Pharcyde, Ghostface Killahm, Kanye West and Madlib.

The man will be missed but his contributions to music shan’t be forgotten.
To learn more about J Dilla you should check out the following resources:
-His label Stones Throw. J Dilla just released a new album “Donuts” on Feb. 7 (his 32nd birthday), Stones Throw provides a pretty huge resource for learning more about J Dilla’s work.
Mental Combat offers a HUGE collection of various works from Jay Dee’s career.
-Mp3 blog Soul Sides also offers a heartfelt look at his work.
Stylus offers more info as well.
-Finally, everyone’s favorite mp3 blog Music For Robots has a small tribute.

If you don’t know J Dilla’s work take a moment. It doesn’t disappoint.

4 thoughts on “Jay Dee aka J Dilla (1974-2006)”

  1. Wow, he was great. It’s weird, his beat for Steve Spacek’s “Dollar” was the last song I played at my work on Friday.

    Check out his work on the recent Common album, too.

  2. Dilla’s latest, “Donuts,” is well worth picking up. I believe it was released last Tuesday, only days before his premature death.

    Saw him a couple years back in Chicago with Madlib — he will be missed!

  3. From ?uestlove…

    “Being the strong and dedicated mother that she is, Mrs. Yancey temporary
    relocated to
    Los Angeles in order to care for her son J. Dilla during his lengthy
    illness. On behalf of
    Mrs. Yancey we ask that in lieu of flowers, any heartfelt donations be
    made payable and sent to:

    Made Payable to:Mrs. Maureen Yancey

    Donations can be mailed to:

    Maureen Yancey

    132 N. Sycamore Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Please note that donations made to Mrs. Yancey are not considered a
    charitable deduction. This will be considered a gift of help.

    Thanks to everyone……….”

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