Go-ram Litterbug!

(Yes, that’s Joss Whedon slang – I didn’t want to curse in the subject line. Feel free to correct my spelling.)

So I’m driving on the 134 this morning, just where the 101 and 170 split off, and this jerk in front of me sticks his hand out his window and starts unloading HIS GARBAGE, right out onto the freeway (read “under my wheels”).


It seems like he’s clearing out various candy wrappers, bits of paper, receipts, all small things, no rocks or whole garbage cans, but fer cryin’ in a bucket – Out Your Window? Who the hell raised you?

Now in my younger and more irresponsible days I would dismiss this person as a mere pile of stereotypes, but gosh golly gee I’m so enlightened now that I just call him what he is: AN ASSHOLE.

I managed to snap this at about 70mph – yes, terribly responsible, so what we’ve got ain’t much.


In the hands of Jack Bauer this would lead to a full face photo, address, phone number, and full set of prints by the time you finished reading this sentence.

Alas, I’m no Jack Bauer.

So we must settle for this – he knows what he did and he saw me take his picture. High Class motoring indeed.

If only a cop had been there to bust him.

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