Putting the MAN back in manicure

Fussing and primping, now available for straight men too!


I’ve discovered The Service Station in West LA. It’s a barber shop/massage/spa for men – STRAIGHT MEN.

Apparently regular guys just can’t get enough “hand care” (manicures) and “foot care” (pedicures). Hey, as far as I’m concerned everybody wins on this one.

They also offer meeting rooms and other services, and the place is painstakingly decorated like a real life butch garage.

2000 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Here’s their Mission Statement –

Welcome to Service Station Barber + Body! We are committed to revolutionizing the men’s barber/spa industry. Our primary task is to provide an environment where our customer feels comfortable and pampered. Our pit crew is dedicated to exceptional customer care, high integrity operations and outstanding attention to detail.

While working as an executive in the advertising industry, I was expected to be well groomed. Unfortunately for anything beyond a simple haircut, I was forced to be in a place designed primarily for women. This made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t the only one: I heard so many of these stories, that I set out to create a place men could receive great grooming services and personal attention in an environment designed specifically for us.

As the idea started to form in my head, I kept thinking about my grandfather’s place. He owned the only full-service gas station in Paisley, FL, where travelers on HWY 44 would stop by for car service and conversation on their way to Daytona. They all knew my grandfather for the impeccable care and attention he gave every customer. To him, there was no such thing as self-service. This was the inspiration for Service Station Barber+Body.

With the help of a few talented people, we’ve created a place where a man can feel at ease and be treated like a king. It‚Äôs a place that would make my grandfather proud. Stop by for a Complete Tune Up for the Body & Soul, and we trust you‚Äôll feel the same. Because‚Ķ like your car, better maintenance equals better performance.

— Scott Holmes/founder