Michelle Kwan is coming home

Stephen Munday/Getty ImagesBad news for fans of Michelle Kwan who wanted to see her capture the gold. Once the weather in the northeast clears up, Emily Hughes will be on her way to Turin.

Michelle says that she’s going to come back to the U.S. to not be a distraction.

Class, baby. Class all the way.

Kwan withdraws

Injury forces U.S. skater to pull off team; Hughes in

Posted: Saturday February 11, 2006 11:42AM;
Updated: Sunday February 12, 2006 2:47PM

TURIN, Italy (AP) — Michelle Kwan’s decade-long quest for Olympic gold came to a sorrowful end Sunday when she withdrew because of an injury, taking the biggest name out of the Turin Games.

Kwan cut short her first practice of the games the day before after straining a groin muscle, and the injury worsened as the day wore on. She withdrew after Dr. Jim Moeller evaluated her early Sunday morning and recommended she not continue. [full story]

8 thoughts on “Michelle Kwan is coming home”

  1. Kwan is a class act, but she never should have been added to the team at the last minute anyway. She wasn’t ready physically or mentally — it was a marketing decision. But at least Kwan realized she made a mistake. She was fun to watch all these years.

    That said, won’t it be amusing if Emily wins the gold?

  2. We should respect Michelle’s decision on going to Turino and coming back home due to an injury. It is not for any of us to say or even know if she is ready physically or mentally. Figure skating is a tough sport and if you are not one competing, you should keep quiet. If you are a supporter, great. Say something nice. No need to bashing her. Thanks.

  3. I wasn’t bashing her — read my post again. I was bashing the process, The committee never should have let her have that “audition.” She didn’t have the wins this time around, and she certainly wasn’t ready. She fell during the “audition,” and even she admitted she wasn’t her usual talented self. Figure skating IS a tough sport, and if you’re not ready to compete, you shouldn’t expect a free pass because you were ready to compete four years ago.

  4. I was glad to hear that Michelle made a good deal with Disney. I was hoping she might recover enough to do some ice shows so we might see those great spirals again. She will be a success at whatever she does. Bless her.

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