Consider This Your Notice

If you want to come to a party on the street where I live and park illegally, be prepared to get a ticket.

I’ve called parking enforcement (which is 213-485-4184 in case you have a similar problem) and they said they’ll come over and take care of it.

I don’t know why I’m so territorial about parking in my neighborhood. I always have been and it’s not my nicest trait. But it just chaps my hide when folks park in front of the fire hydrants and opposite driveways (on this narrow street, it essentially blocks the driveway) where there are signs that say no parking on that side of the street. Sure, I wasn’t planning on going out tonight, but that doesn’t mean that you can park my car in. (In this instance they didn’t but it’s happened and boy howdy, you don’t wanna be around me when that happens.) I know I’m supposed to be a good neighbor and put up with the occasional party, dumpsters for large and lengthy renovation projects, loud music, barking dogs, revving engines that you seem to be endlessly tinkering with, catfights, etc. Sometimes folks just cross the line. And for me that line is about eight cars long.

UPDATE: As I was writing this a very nice officer showed up. He said he’s gonna make a pass now, and be back in an hour or so to make another pass.

7 thoughts on “Consider This Your Notice”

  1. what is your address so we can know who is calling the coppers instead of just asking people to move or quite down?

  2. EKC, Are you the nice guy who drunkenly yells obscenities everytime I ask nicely?

    I don’t care when it is, you have to be considerate to other people and their living space. Besides, it’s not that big a deal to just park a little further down the street. Why do people in LA hate walking so much?

  3. I wear my unofficial Neighborhood Parking Narc status proudly.

    And yeah, EKC… I’ll start “asking people” of your ill parking ilk to move when your kind start “asking” if its OK to park like an inconsiderate bonehead.

    And while I’m at it, I’d like your input on something: Should I be resenting the implication of retribution toward Cybele by wanting to know where she lives, or was that just your lame way of failing to be funny?

  4. EKC – I did tell a few folks about the ‘no parking’ situation. I was not really up to standing out there all night with an orange flag telling them not to park there. Not all of them thought that I was telling them the truth, anyway. It turns out that as the night wore on and some of those previously taken spaces opened up, folks didn’t park there any longer because ALL the other cars still there had tickets on the windshield.

    How about you just act like I’m everywhere and park legally from now on, ‘mkay?

  5. It’s not the neighbors’ jobs to tell people not to park illegally. If it’s posted no parking, they should have no problem with getting a ticket if they park there.

  6. Cheers to you, Cybele!
    I live at the corner of Little Santa Monica (where the street is compeltely “effed” up right now) and use parking enforcement more than anyone should have to.
    For some stupid reason, people think that it’s okay to park in or block the driveway, then go next door and get their hair primped for HOURS. I used to be nice and tell the parking cop to just ticket them, but when it’s the same car repeatedly or and obvious violation (I can’t get my car out, A$$HOLE!), I tell them to tow it.

    Feel free to call me a jerk, or just park legally…

  7. No matter how nicely you ask, it’s still a confrontation. This can be a Bad Thing when the party’s in full swing, and only generates animosity between neighbours. If I recall, the police do not recommend attempting to enforce the law… I guess they feel that it’s their job :)

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