Bad news for Science fans

The Ministry of Unknown Science have been forced, due to noise complaints, to cancel the remainder of their Saturday encore performances of THE MINISTRY OF UNKNOWN SCIENCE IS BIGGER THAN GOD, which was their fifth Experiment. The shows were scheduled to run every Saturday through the end of the month.

From their official notice:

As for our lack of “permits,” we considered responding to the cease-and-desist order with a document of our own, detailing the myriad ways in which scientists of the past bucked traditional convention on their way to discoveries which ultimately benefitted all humanity. Does the name “Galileo” ring a bell, motherfuckers?

We also considered launching our vast cache of idiot-homing ICBM’s at our “land lord’s” house.

But the latter would result in a nightmarish holocaust of bloodshed. And the former would deprive us of valuable “getting stoned” time.

So it is with great sadness and barely-concealed rage that we have chosen to fight another day. The remaining three presentations of “The Ministry of Unknown Science Is Bigger Than God” are hereby cancelled.


But fear not! Your Ministers are actively pursuing new and more fabulous lab space, far from the prying yes of letter slinging apes. Stay tuned to this email list for further updates.

The Ministry will rise again. And with your help, we will forge a world without stupidity.

I’d recommend joining their Topica mailing list, not just to keep abreast of their shows but also to get brilliantly funny updates like this one.