Wrestling Society X Results…


Several reports came in here at Wrestling Observer, as well as here, here, here, and here at Pro Wrestling Insider (warning: ad bloat in these last five links) regarding MTV‘s Wrestling Society X pilot taping last night in a Chinatown warehouse.

Some highlights:

I have say that this event was somewhat disorganized and there were absolutely no safety mats. There were no ring aprons at all. In fact I can look under the ring and notice the smoke machine & a microphone. The building itself looked like an abandoned warehouse. Simply put the place was a mess.

When I got there I waited in line for 1 and 1/2 hours after they picked up the crowd from the parking lot with vans. The audience did not go in at the promised start time 3pm. Heck we didn’t go in at the mandatory 4:30pm. We finally came in around 5pm and it was standing room only with no chairs. …

Honestly, this was a very disappointing show thanks with the bad rock music from Black Label Society. Three matches that I waited for over four hours (which included the parking lot wait) was pathetic. I was basically seeing an PWG show with the first two matches combined an XPW main event (a promotion that I never enjoyed). Hopefully the production guys can do a great editing job for this show if they want to make this promotion big. I would love to see the next show, but they need to make lots of improvements.


I’m not sure how many people were there. They brought us in 25 at a time (I was in the first group) and there were only about what seemed like 150 people brought in. With all the other people hanging around…It seemed like less than 300. Found out after that a lot of them were from an extra agency, they were paid for being there.