Not Interested!

To the guy who would not leave me alone last night and continued to try to pick me up after I told him I was waiting for the boyfriend, I know it must be hard for you to take, but I’m not actually interested in you! I can’t believe you continued to try to talk to me after I point blank told you I was not interested in having a conversation with you. Even after that you continued to ask me what kind of food I like, so you would know just in case you took me to dinner. I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that I am so not going to dinner with you. What kind of delusional world are you living in? And I don’t care if you just got into law school and were a stock broker. And yes, I will lie to you and tell you I dropped out of high school just to attempt to get a rise and get you to LEAVE ME ALONE. But no, you just did not get the hint. So, take your martini and shove off already. Sheesh.

12 thoughts on “Not Interested!”

  1. WTF? Like I am supposed to accept this shit? Where does it ever say that you have the right to speak to me if I’m at a bar (or anywhere)? Don’t make the assumption that I’m there to speak to anyone. Stupid ego-fucking-centric guys who think the world is their playground and they can buy anything.

  2. if someone says, “hey i don’t want to talk to you”.. why would you continue to talk to them unless you’re an asshole?

    do you also talk to telemarketers who continue to pitch you after you tell them you’re not interested?

  3. The telemarketers don’t get through to me. I haven’t talked to one in years.

    As far as “right to talk to me” what about respecting people’s spaces. I should have totally given this guy the h-bomb smack down, but there other things I’d rather get arrested doing.

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