From Canada, With Love

Despite the Canadian government apologizing for him on numerous occasions, I saw Bryan Adams’ name come up in the news a few weeks ago, in connection with La Lohan, saying that she’d cut herself on a coffee mug while at his London estate. I was perplexed. I couldn’t see Bryan Adams hanging out with someone from Lindsay’s echelon when he was in his prime, “Summer of ’69” days, much less in his current, more wrinkled days.

Kevin and Bean explained it this morning though. It was RYAN Adams. Oh. Suddenly, this goes from being hilarious to being just mediocre celebrity gossip. I was really hoping for an elaborate back story explanation as to how Bryan Adams got back in the American news.

But there’s more Canadians in L.A. this weekend that usual. Stars are playing the Avalon tomorrow night. I started listening to Stars (and the other Arts and Crafts label artists)because one of my old friends from my alma mater, the University of British Columbia, is the lighting designer for the tour. I haven’t seen a Canadian musical artist in the States for ages, so I’m wondering it if will be an experience anything like when Our Lady Peace tour the States, and every Canadian in a hundred mile radius shows up. I know there’s a lot of Canadians in L.A. that I just haven’t been introduced to at parties yet, so I’m sure a few will come out of the woodwork.

Watch out, L.A.! The Canadians are sneaking in! We will send our aging rockers to steal your starlets, and our indie bands to play your clubs and our Degrassi High reruns to take over your TV at 2am! Although that’s really all we can do. We’re probably too polite for anything else.

3 thoughts on “From Canada, With Love”

  1. actually, it was bryan adams AND ryan adams according to reports. though she’s apparently shacking up with ryan adams in NY now.

    i work sometimes. really. i’m just reading ALL THE REST OF THE TIME.

  2. sorry that wasn’t clear. . .the original reports insisted it was our favorite Robin Hood anthem singer.

    If only it were bryan and not ryan. so much funnier.

  3. It’s hilarious, still, that despite his ten years of irrelevancy, Bryan Adams is still the default assumption over Ryan. But KROQ say she’s “quietly” involved with Ryan, not Bryan. I’m also disappointed because ANYTHING to do with Bryan Adams is automatically amusing.

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