3 Rampart Officers Get $15 Million

Three of the officers involved in the Rampart scandal have won a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles alleging wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution. They are to be awarded $15 million of our tax dollars. This is a big chunk of change especially if you consider that LA has already paid around $70 million to the victims of the actual scandal. MAV stated that the city would appeal if the attorneys post trial motions challenging the verdict fail. This quote from the LAT article sounds like what the officers involved in the scandal were doing to citizens:

The three officers filed a civil lawsuit a year later, alleging that police and prosecutors conspired to deprive them of their civil rights by falsely arresting them, searching their homes at gunpoint, fingerprinting them and bringing them to trial based on evidence elicited from convicted felons and liars.

It seems to me that these cops were involved in somewhat questionable policing practices, but none of the charges stuck due to a lack of hard evidence along with some errors the judge made. Turning around and suing the city for millions of dollars just doesn’t seem right.

2 thoughts on “3 Rampart Officers Get $15 Million”

  1. How does anyone come up with the dollar amount of 15 million? What if the judgement was for 50 million? or 1 million?

    Is this number based on anything rational? what if we forced the judicial system to require dollar amounts being requested in law suits to be phrased in the form of an equation?

    I’m sueing for ((days of investigation + days of suspention) * my day rate * day rate of my spouse * years of service).

    Does that seam like a reasonable compensation for a “false” accusation? I sould be authoring torte reform legislation.

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