What’s the funky smell?!

I walk into the boyfriend’s house today to a most unfriendly funk! It’s not bachelor guy apartment smell (because I’ve converted it with my scented candles and incense) it’s something decaying. A few days ago we saw some drops of blood on the floor. And a few days before that we saw a rat scurry off into the darkness of the ceiling rafters. So I’m thinking the rat has bled on the floor and crawled off somewhere to die.

I made the boyfriend crawl up and check the ceiling rafters, go into the back of the closets, under the stairs and any place a small thing could go off and die to no avail. I put the dog on sniffer duty to find the origin of the stank, but no luck. I’m about to unleash the snakes to do their thing, but I’m afraid I might not be able to extract them from the stinky point of origin and I think it’s irresponsible to unleash boas on West Hollywood.

My big fear is that there is some Silence of the Lambs scene going on in the garage of which he shares a wall (and where the majority of the stink is coming from). Pee-whew! What to do?

4 thoughts on “What’s the funky smell?!”

  1. Heather:

    Your sixth sense (telling you the odor is some type of decaying matter) is probably accurate.

    Please know that many commercial pest control firms are skilled at finding and removing deceased animals from crawlspaces and other remote or difficult to access household locations.

    For peace of mind and quality of life, you may wish to contact one of the more well established firms listed in the telephone directory.

    Best Wishes,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. in my experience with such smells I’ve found that dead mice in the floor (requiring the cutting into the floor thing) is no fun at all, but not near as much not fun as the double murder homicide in the apartment next door to a friend’s place. whatever happened, i’m sure it can’t be worse than that one.

  3. That was good advice from Brian…I’ve had the dead mice thing in the walls and had to cut into the wall to get it out….there’s no other alternative. You just can’t cover up that smell. It’s nasty!

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