The endless search for coffee

Back in December I asked about good coffee shops in Culver City that had free wifi. One of the comments was from
Matthew Rechs
who suggested:

“The best coffee in Culver City is at Tanners, on the corner of Sepulveda and Lindblade, about 2 blocks South of Culver Blvd. They recently added Wifi, and it’s a super quiet and laid-back place. Not as close to the 10 as you probably want, but it’s reasonably indie and the coffee is outstanding.”

Today I was looking for a place to escape to for a few hours to crank out some work and decided to check it. Unfortunately I’m not having the same experience as Matthew. The coffee is damn good, and there’s free wifi however it’s not quite the quite laid-back place I was expecting. The stereo is blasting some rather painful 70’s crap rock which is only slightly less annoying than one of the customers who is alternating between whistling and singing along to each and every song. Luckily I brought my headphones and have iTunes loaded up with a zillion Bad Brains songs, unluckily I didn’t bring my own chair and folding table. It’s pretty packed, probably because of the aforementioned damn good coffee, but the only seats with access to power are facing windows which makes seeing your laptop screen pretty impossible, unless of course you are everyone else in the place which just creeps me out. At this point, my take is that this is a pretty good place to get coffee and then go somewhere else, not so hot for hanging out at.

5 thoughts on “The endless search for coffee”

  1. What I’m wondering is where the hell can I go with my laptop to do some writing late nights (say 9-12, which isn’t all that late, unless, apparently, you’re starbucks). The closer to Pico/La Cienega the better. I ended up at Norm’s on La Cienega last night, but wasn’t able to plug in and since I’d been on battery power all day, I ended up having to pack it in a bit earlier than I might have otherwise since I was about to go into emergency sleep mode. And I felt obligated to buy more than just coffee so I had pancakes. Which kept me up till 3 which sucks when you’re teaching the next day.

  2. I don’t know if there is a Burger King close to there, but, BK’s have had free wifi for some time now. And the BK’s that i frequent, I have spotted the ‘outlet booth’ or the one next to the power. Most stay open till 11 or 12 AM, just do a search to see if a BK is nearby.

  3. There’s a BK on La Cienega just south of Pico that’s open pretty late. Not sure if they have wifi or not though

  4. This is a bit far from you Don, but Solar de Cahuenga, a newish cafe on Cahuenga/Franklin has free wifi and is supposedly open all night–I don’t have confirmation on that. But you can definitely get just coffee/tea/whatever.

  5. The wifi’s not terribly important (in fact, I’d almost prefer to not have it because I want to be WRITING not getting distracted. Mostly I want to just have someplace I can plug in the laptop, put on some headphones and caffeinate my way to the end of the next article.

    I wonder how late the Border’s on La Cienega is open… I’ve found Borders conducive to writing in the past…

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