Chess At Tang’s Donuts

Inside Tang's, Saturday Night I often pass Tang’s Donut on Sunset Blvd, which is open 24 hours every day, and although I have never gone in(not so big on donuts and donut related products these days, even though this is my second post about donuts on here in the last week), I do notice that it is absolutely poppin’ fresh when it comes to chess.

A commenter on chessninja has this handy information:

“Tang’s Donut Shop: At the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue in Hollywood, a couple of miles west of downtown Los Angeles along Sunset. A donut shop that is a hangout for chess and backgammon players (they also play cards there), this is chiefly a place for gambling (for small to medium stakes unless you are lucky enough to gain entre into the perennial “high roller” game, which has been going on for sporadically for at least 15 years to my knowledge) but it is still possible to get free games here. There are normally a few players there at any time after dark 7 days a week, but the peak hours are between 9 p.m. and dawn the next day. Somewhat of a hangout for local Filipino players, there are usually one or two masters there in the evenings willing and able to take your money. (This used to be a much better place to play and spectate, with the likes of Cris Ramyrat and other extremely strong blitz players showing up on a semi-regular basis, but seems to have gone into a bit of a decline in recent years.)”

It’s also mentioned on this Public Chess Spots page. Has anyone ever gone in on one of these games? Spectated?

Picture from Meltwater.

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  1. I have. When I first moved here‚Äîlike, the first week I was here‚ÄîI went there at about three in the morning and watched people play for awhile. Sitting in a shop that sold donuts and ice cream watching old men play chess in the middle of the night was, at the time, incredibly surreal to me. Haven’t been for probably seven years at this point.

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