You want to see The Little Ones Tonight at Spaceland

I’m still kind of new here so most of you probably don’t know that I’m a pretty huge music snob. Because of this I’m going to claim that my hot musical tips should be taken very seriously.

Are you ready?

Tonight at Spaceland will see The Littles Ones play what will only be one of their first handful of shows. For those unfamiliar with the band, it features ex-members of Sunday’s Best (more info available at Polyvinyl Records), they throw down brilliantly-crafted and catchy pop songs. I’m really excited about where this band is going. I caught their first ever show a few months ago and every time I’ve seen or heard them since it’s been even better. This band is good.

So come by Spaceland and see The Little Ones and also the new Monday resident band for February, The Willowz . It’s Monday, it’s free, it’s early (they hit the stage around 10), plus I’ll be there. . . and I might even bring my dad! HOW CAN YOU RESIST!?

To learn more about The Little Ones, you can check them out on the web (there are a few mp3s) and on Myspace. I don’t care what LAist says, Myspace is life.