Where’s the Fire?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/02/bla-smokefire-thumb.jpgI don’t know if anyone else has noticed in Hollywood that the skies have gone dark.

I don’t know much else, since I can’t find anything online except for this thing about an OC fire.

It’s definitely yellow and does smell slightly of smoke here. Anyone have any info?

UPDATES: It’s definitely the OC fire that’s causing this. Wildbell has some better snaps.

UPDATED UPDATES: LAist got the jump (and was probably under the cloud earlier) on my photo (and with a much better one!). The cloud passed over most of the eastern basin, probably owing to shifting winds. There was some scattered ash fall as well.

Generalism.net has some creepy photos of the smoke cloud and NBC4 just updated their website story. It’s hot and dry out there folks, don’t make it any worse.

10 thoughts on “Where’s the Fire?”

  1. Thanks–Channel 4 just had something, but it sure took them awhile. It’s the Cleveland Nat’l Forest near Anaheim.

  2. OC.Metblogs also has a post. A number of my friends have been evacuated and my dad’s house has been put on notice for evacuation. Right now the word is that this fire is 100% out of control and heading towards houses. 800 houses have been evacuated so far, along with a handful of schools.

    This fire seems to be as bad as the one in 1982 that almost took out Anaheim Hills, and now there are a lot more houses there than there were then. Hopefully they can get this undercontrol soon, otherwise we might see thousands of people loose their houses today.

  3. I saw the cloud over the O.C. [exactly like the television show] when I was heading down to Long Beach this morning. I remember thinking how happy I was that I’d moved out of the O.C. and into L.A. this weekend.

  4. I didn’t mean it as an ouch! I checked you guys when I was trying to figure out where the gloom came from. We all live here, we all notice when the sky goes dark.

    Good luck to the firefighters in Anaheim. Let’s hope they get a handle on this thing.

  5. So far it sounds as if they are doing a good job keeping the fire in check. They say they have it held at the 241 toll road just East of Anaheim Hills, although it’s still not under control at all. Hopefully the winds are nice and they can get it under control soon.

  6. Carolyn – thanks for the note on the link, I too share your hopes.

    Grant – I’ll keep checking oc.metblogs.com for the latest. Keep safe.

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