My cops are more high-tech than your cops.

Does anyone remember how Spider-Man had neat little GPS trackers that he could shoot on to bad guys’ bumpers so he didn’t have to chase them? Anyone?

Well, Spider-Man is no longer alone in his total badassery when it comes to tracking bad guys, believe it or not the LAPD is hopping on the Spidey-tracker bandwagon!

“The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will become the first law enforcement agency to outfit cars with a device that propels and sticks a Global Positioning System (GPS) onto a fleeing car.

The department will mount the StarChase LLC device in the grill of some squad cars in the fall. “Officers in the car would control a green laser light, similar to an aiming device that fixes on your target,” said LAPD Lieutenant Paul Vernon on Friday. “A small dart-like device is propelled from the officer’s car.”

The LAPD is hopeful the GPS device will reduce the number of high-speed car chases through the city. The department conducted more than 600 vehicle pursuits in 2005, up from 581 in the prior year, said Vernon.”

The article goes on to state that the GPS device is one of three new technologies that the LAPD will be deploying, unfortunately tasers and crime labs are not as cool as sticky GPS darts fired from moving cars.

My spider-sense is tingling.