Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on the Hollywood background of James Frey, author of the falsely categorized “memoir” “A Million Little Pieces”.

Frey spent nearly a decade in Hollywood, hanging out at industry barbecues, hustling movie ideas and co-producing a few indie flicks… He is listed at the Internet Movie Database website as the director and writer of a small 1998 film called “Sugar: The Fall of the West,” and he has a writing and story credit on the 1998 David Schwimmer movie “Kissing a Fool.” He’s also listed as a co-producer of 2001’s “See Jane Run” and as a producer of the 2000 Luke Wilson film “Preston Tylk,” which was also released as “Bad Seed.”

In “A Million Little Pieces” James Frey claims that he was in jail for two months, had a root canal without novocaine, blacked out once only to awaken bloody and beaten up on an airplane, and numeorous other feats, and went on to promote the book not once pointing out that these weren’t just fabrications but outright lies. When The Smoking Gun ran an article pointing out all the falsehoods, Frey threatened to sue them for slander libel. Since then he’s withdrawn the threat, and only after being confronted by his once champion, Oprah Winfrey, did he finally admit that he didn’t just embellish the truth, he lied.

The L.A. Times also points out that shortly after the novel had become a bestseller the movie rights were sold. Like most authors though, Frey wasn’t happy with the adaptation.

A screenwriter wanted to change the details of Frey’s memoir of addiction for a film script being written for Warner Bros. Frey said they didn’t have the right to alter the facts in the book, the observer recalled this week. “How could they do this? This was his life! How could they change the facts of his life?”

Ah, the irony.

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