moytel.jpgOn my trip to Chinatown on Saturday afternoon I was surprised to see that the “Moytel” had no vacancies. Alas. More miscellaneous photos of the Chinese New Year parade here, but don’t expect too much. I was feeling pretty lazy when it came to working the camera.

2 thoughts on “Moytel?”

  1. LOL!!! My partner’s last name is Moy, and we always joke when family and friends stay over that we are running a “Moytel.” To think, we never knew the real Moytel is located just a few miles south of our home! What’s the address?

  2. That’s pretty funny. My gf’s last name is Loy, so we had a lot of laughs calling it the Loytel. Not sure of the exact address, but it’s on Yale (1 blk W of Hill) just S of the 110.

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