Little annoyance at Little Temple

Dear People Next to Me at Little Temple,

If you’re going go out just to sit around on the couches, drink and take pictures (with really bright and blinding flash), it’s probably a better idea just to stay home. I don’t mean to say its bad to take a picture or two of you and your friends out for a night on the town. But 50? Come on now. There are enough “in the club, we party more than you” pictures on MySpace.

Really, I’m just trying to help you out here. I know the cover charge was only $1 which makes the prospect of going out more exciting, but drinks are not free and I know you can get drunk at home for much less.


P.S. Those boots — whether they’re Ugg or not — should have stayed home too.

6 thoughts on “Little annoyance at Little Temple”

  1. Plus I don’t need a flash to see tiny dots every where. I can do that after a few shots AND see pink elephants dancing around me :)

  2. Tristen,
    Careful with those pink elephants. I hear they have two left feet and might step on your toes.

    Hah. I’m glad those girls will be amusing someone.

  3. Well I’m sure this won’t make you feel any better, but I just bought a big honking battery for my flash, a Quantum Turbo 2×2. I haven’t been taking any photos at the Little Temple, but if there ever is drum’n’bass there, I will be too, flashing my bright as flash incessantly. I don’t have a myspace page. =]

  4. i usually find party photos pretty boring. people do need to relax a bit, you are correct cindym. and good call on the boots, good call.

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