My Apartment Has Finally Jumped The Shark

I love living in Silverlake, but I’m not sure how much longer I can stay in my building. On top of the ever-increasing difficulty in finding parking, the sporadic hot water problems, and the teeny-tiny kitchen, now my neighbors are stealing from me.

I ordered a bunch of goodies from Think Geek, and they were delivered on Wednesday. Which is too bad, because I did not get them. Apparently, the package was left at my door, and some fool absconded with it.

Here’s the note I’m leaving downstairs. Let’s see if the fear of eldritch horror inspires the return of my swag:

To The Person Who Took The Package In Front Of My Door On Wednesday Morning:

I would greatly appreciate it if you would return the valuable contents of a duct tape wallet, a badge holder, and a Plush Cthulu, as I’m guessing you’ll get much less use out of them that I will. Please leave them in front of my door, where you found them, no questions asked. At least by me. I can’t guarantee the same from dread Cthulu.

5 thoughts on “My Apartment Has Finally Jumped The Shark”

  1. Perhaps it was devoured in full by The-Postman-That-Should-Not-Be-Named?

    But, seriously, I hope you get your loot back. That’s crummy.

  2. That’s awful. I sort of know how you feel, my neighbors stole my netflixs! I wrote a letter as well which seem to stop the thievery.

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