Thanks for your half-assed effort, Dept. of Public Works!

I’ve been meaning to say something (here, because I am too lazy to call anyone official) about the state of Third Street between Rimpau and La Brea, especially near Highland in front of the private school. The pot holes are terrible. In our old car, a 2000 Protege, I generally had to drive in the left lane when heading east, and that was a good car. When it was stolen and we had crappy rentals (first a Dodge, then a Chevy), driving in the right lane would have been suicide. And in the new Mazda3 my suspension is so good that I don’t feel a thing, so I drive in the right lane even though I probably shouldn’t. (My husband, lucky bastard, was always fine in either lane, because it is apparently easy to avoid potholes on a Vespa.)

As I say, I’ve been meaning to say something, but I hadn’t quite gotten around to it because I’m switching over to a new computer and had some connection issues.

It would seem that the City of Los Angeles read my mind. How clever of them! The worst of the holes have been filled in with tar, resulting in a nasty road grit that now coats my undercarriage. I know the car can take it, but it would be nice if the road was even vaguely even. The difference seems to be that what was concave is now rounded and bumpy. Yay!