Stein on GTA Suit: Hey Rocky, WTF?

Joel Stein at the Times weighs in on Rocky Delgadillo’s desperate press whoring GTA lawsuit:

That means that all across Los Angeles, innocent 17-year-old boys with advanced computer skills were being exposed to moderately rendered, computer-animated soft-core pornography. And City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo wants to make sure someone pays for doing this to our kids. Because if these teen computer geniuses are given the opportunity to unlock a video-game sex scene, then they’ll be just one step away from breaking the code that allows them to type dirty words into Google.

The gist of Stein’s argument echoes that of our own Wil, and a lot of the rest of us in LA: is this seriously our highest priority?

4 thoughts on “Stein on GTA Suit: Hey Rocky, WTF?”

  1. I’ve been ranting about this in public ever since Hillary raised a stink about it in D.C. The thing that bugs the hell out of me is how it’s so often described as a hard core sex scene. Puuulllleeeezzzzz… Anybody who’s seen the Hot Coffee mod knows it’s cartoon sex which, if it were real live people, is commonly seen on HBO (and IFC for that matter). It’s just barely soft-core porn.

    So yea, I’m a bit more concerned about cops who shoot kids and screwdriver wielding old ladies in real life than I am about kids being exposed to mild sex within a game which is (legally) full of violence.

  2. Totally. It’s just like when the president spent all of his post election energy trying to kill Social Security despite the fact that it wasn’t an issue on which he ran and most of his constituents were opposed to the idea.

    Oh, wait. Wrong party. ;)

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