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Miss Satanica has an update to her blog post yesterday about Lucha Va Voom:

WOW! More Lucha for you bitches. And what about Miss Exotic World?

WOW!!!!So….over 200 of you looked at my Lucha blog.

But no one posted a response (other than that minx, Lola).

BUT… the phone calls were great! They made me laugh- made me happy…and assured me that I was doing the right thing.

I meant everything I said. There is nothing worse than a woman being exploited while she is half-naked. That show makes a ton of money. And if you think I do not know what I am talking about- remember, I was in Girly Freak Show with Slymenstra, who is Liz’s roommate. I’ve heard it all. I know where that money is going.

Previous coverage here.

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Now on to Exotic World- the next venture that these two “ladies” have taken over. Were you happy with the way they set this up last year? Why were most of the big girls in Future Legends and the thin girls in the main competition?

Have you ever been to Liz’s house and heard Liz and Rita talk shit about every single one of you? I’ve seriously never heard so much shit talk – it was to the point of being nauseating. So should these bitches be in charge of a competition? How do we- the performers and entertainers, keep them in line?

Is this title of Miss Exotic World, one that brings in money? Should the competition be more regulated- instead of Liz and Rita’s friends being placed as judges?

Is it the same to get into the Exotic World competition as it is to get in to Lucha…a long road of sucking up to these self-proclaimed queens?

Last year they kept out long-time supporters of Exotic World- Roobie Breastnut was kept out for being too weird, and of course, lots of others. What happened to the diversity and kitsch factor? Where’s the fucking fun, damn it? The sisterhood? The hilarity?

I have a friend who made a really great assesment of the current state of burlesque- that most people are emmulating the dying days of burlesque- and not they hey days. That we’ve lost our sense of humour, and that’s really sad, because let’s face it- tits are funny (at least MINE are).

One thought on “More On Lucha Va Screwed…”

  1. I thought MEW last year was stupid.
    why have a huge lighting rig & just use
    white lights? I think that these 2
    producers should not be involved,
    as I know that they are just out to gain all
    media contacts, & skim scam off the top.

    The categories were ok, but the placement was horrible. Every year I see amazing acts that get overlooked. The judging process has been fixed
    2 years in a row. Michelle did deserve to win,
    but Torchy did not deserve 2nd place.

    I guess Torchy holding a benefit for EW earlier in the year helped her out in the long run.

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