Adam Carolla… Funny Or Racist?

Quite frankly, I could care less about Adam Carolla‘s attempts to replace Howard Stern on weekday mornings here on FREE-FM, so thanks to Franklin Avenue for mentioning what happened on his show last Wednesday:

Not even a month into his new 97.1 Free FM morning show (where he replaced Howard Stern), and Adam Carolla is already out of material. It takes some hack morning DJs months to sink to bad, outdated stereotypes in an attempt to muster some weak laughs. Apparently Carolla is already there.

According to the Radio Business Report, Carolla is already mocking Asian Americans by making “ching-chong” sounds. How very retro of Carolla, who might consider donning Mickey Rooney/”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-style thick round glasses and fake buck teeth for his next publicity photo. I’m guessing some good ol’ fashioned “Amos and Andy” blackface is next on his plate?

It’s disappointing; I actually thought Carolla did a good job co-hosting “Loveline” with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and did some decent bits for KROQ’s Kevin & Bean back in the day. Why does anyone need to go down this road, especially since even if you’re not offended by it, it’s just not that funny?

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Obviously this has many Asian Americans and Asian American groups up in arms.

You can listen to the bit here.

Interesting enough, there is no mention of this bit whatsoever for that day on their official show blog.

And this isn’t apparently the first time that Adam has been offensive in this vein before.

14 thoughts on “Adam Carolla… Funny Or Racist?”

  1. Am I the only one who didn’t ever think Adam Corolla was doing anything special or funny? I never liked him on Loveline because he just undermined Dr. Drew and the Man show only showed occasional promise.

    Adam Corolla blows

  2. It’s prounounced exactly how it’s spelled. To me, saying that about Asians is just as bad as saying the “n” word about Blacks.

  3. Carolla’s bigger problemn is that he is mind-numbingly, somebody-please-hit-me-in-the-head- with-a-shovel boring.

  4. I’ve always been somewhat biased against Carolla simply because I was always annoyed that Lovelines went on after The Poorman left it, and was definitely annoyed that it went on to be a TV show on MTV when it was nowhere near as entertaining as the original show had been with The Poorman. Aside from that though, Carolla’s just irritatingly smug, and I always feel like he considers his audience to be a necessary evil and that he doesn’t like or appreciate what his audience means to him.

    I’m way off track here. Anyway, racist humor… As bad as this may sound, it sometimes is funny to laugh at the things that make us all different. Humor that deals with race walks a very fine line (as does almost anything dealing with race), but I tend to think if it’s done in the vein of poking fun at the fact that most of us place so much importance on the small things that differentiate us, then that is funny, because the reality is that we’re all so much alike and the differences really are minute. However, if the humor is coming from trying to emphasize these differences because the person making the jokes believes they should be a bigger issue than they are, then it is not funny.

    You can use humor to dissolve a tense situation, like using laughter to ease racial tension, and that is fine, and is in fact good, IMO. But if you use it to laugh at people and to try to alienate people and drive a wedge between people, then that is cruel and stupid and I am not accepting of that. I listened to the clip and thought that while it was in bad taste, it probably isn’t something that would have stood out to me if I’d been listening simply because it was so painfully unfunny and unoriginal, and that’s arguably the bigger story: how bad Adam Carolla is on the radio.

  5. Come on give Adam a break.. I chuckle at least as much at his show as I did that desperately whiney hack Stern.

  6. Pull your collective heads out of your pompas asses…it was funny! We have $3.00 a gallon gas, astronomical housing prices, a rediculous war, natural disasters up the wazoo and you are bitching about a man bringing a little humor to the mix…shame on you! Get a real life…solve a mystery or help out with something! Besides, Adam would spank anyone of you in a head to head laugh off! You should appreciate his gifts and worry more about what lonely, miserable, little cowards your parents have raised! Have a great day you blowhard sissies!

  7. Corolla is spectacularly unfunny. His radio show is nigh unlistenable unless you’re a mental 12 year old boy. KLSX is hurtin’ bad…

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