What Goes Up Must Be Crazy

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/01/fargo-thumb.jpgI love this picture at right (click to biggify) of the awesome Dave Wyman making one of his outrageous 33 ascents of Echo Park’s infamous Fargo Street during last year’s edition of the L.A. Wheelmen’s annual Fargo Street Hill Climb. Why do I love it? Because it shows how wonderfully crazy cyclists can be, and more specifically it perfectly demonstrates how truly madly steeply the street’s 33% grade is.

But as if pedaling up just one of these monsters isn’t lunatic feat enough, here comes the news of an event from Bike Swarm that’s part of L.A. Bike Winter involving a race up and down 10 of them รณ and yes, Fargo is on the list. Scheduled for Saturday January 14, sign-ups will take place at 8 a.m. at 210 N. Rampart Boulevard (north of Tommy’s on the same block). A group ride will then proceed to the first paved beast and the race will get started. There are unspecified prizes for whoever comes in first place, and every finisher gets a T-shirt. Plus there will be post-race pancakes around 1 p.m. back at the sign-up station on Rampart.

Photo by Dan Wyman from the Los Angeles Wheelmen website.

A Very Junglist New Year

So I mentioned that I was going to hit up 3 parties this NYE, but I only ended up at 2 parties. The first one was an underground drum’n’bass event called A New Beginning and the second one was a massive rave called Together As One. Both of the parties rocked, but Together As One was bigger than I have ever seen it. The LA Sports Arena was completely packed and there was still a huge line both out front and at the VIP / Line even at 11:30 when we got there. Luckily we were able to get walked in so we didn’t miss the countdown. I took pictures of random ravers and club kids along with shots of DJs both playing and hanging out. Afterwards we went back to the party we started at and finished the night off there. The whole group of photos that I uploaded are here.

Subtle Notes of Ass and Evil

New Year’s was a sedate affair – Miss Barbara Gordon and I stayed in, had a Christian Bale film festival (Velvet Goldmine & Batman Begins), and had a spread o’ wine and cheese and various fruitstuffs. We went to Whole Paycheck Foods to get our comestables. When I wandered through the wine section, completely dewildered, a helpful employee game me some recommendations of a couple of lovely, inexpensive wines to add to our shopping cart – a 2003 Temperanillo Finca Antigua and a Seven Sinners Syrah from 2002.

Except when we got home and I opened the Temperanillo, it tasted like a penguin urine. I dumped the bottle and opened the Seven Sinners. If you have a need to induce vomiting, I storngly suggest their products.

It was a good thing I had scotch handy.

Rain, Mexico and trends

I was really hoping I’d come back to LA after two weeks in Mexico to great weather somewhat like the weather in Mexico with the sunny days without the very cool nights. Those changes in weather made me sick, but at least we didn’t have to deal with rain and flash flood warnings. This morning as my family and I drove the last leg of our 27 hour trip, I noticed a few accidents on the 60 eastbound near Chino.

I didn’t have a chance to update while I was in Mexico about any connections I noticed (and there were many). However, I would like to report that even Mexicans in small towns and mid-sized cities are not immune to our favorite trends. I saw way too many little girls and teens wearing Ugg boots in all colors. Even the ugly trends get exported.

I hope you all had a safe and happy new year.

Things to do inside

Some friends of ours decided to leave their cold, wintery DC home to vacation for a few days here in sunny socal and arrived just in time for it to be anything but. Over dinner last night we were putting together a list of things they could do around town that didn’t involve getting soaking wet. We obviously recommended seeing The Museum of Jurassic Technology, catching a flick at Arclight, various exhibitions at various museums & galleries, a few great places for food, but assumed there was more we were missing. Our usual things-to-do-for-friends-visiting-town seems to be weighted a bit more towards the out of doors, so I’m looking for suggestions. What indoor activities and things to see would you recommend?

The follow up: Yes, people are that dumb

The other day I posted about the city’s begging and pleading with people not to shoot guns into the air on new years eve. I assumed that it was obivous. People in the comments assumed it was obvious. Apparently it isn’t and in fact some people are that dumb. At least six are anyway. Luckily no one was injured, but in that article Sheriff Lee Baca says one person was killed by one of these bullets sometime in the last 7 years. Sheesh, whata buncha retards.

Happy 2006!

Last year, the contributors to b.la rang in the New Year by posting photographs of ourselves and our loved ones from where we were celebrating the beginning of 2005.

I don’t know if anyone else is doing that this year, but I’m up in San Jose right now, and so here’s jozjozjoz raising the glass to you for a wonderful 2006! Happy New Year! (I just stayed in the hotel room, put on a comfy robe and poured myself a glass of wine to ring in the new year while watching the ball drop on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve… I’m going to sleep soon!)