La Con Ya Duh ala Sizzle

Some of you old timers might remember one of our original authors who goes by the name Jessica Gao. Or Sizzle if your nasty. One day back in October ought four we (yes, everyone on the entire blog) came home from work to find that all her stuff was moved out and she’d left us this good bye note. She blamed it on being a crappy blogger. So we had that skank deported. But since we sent her to London, and her family is from China it didn’t stick and she came back. Which was ok because we missed her tons and and she started writing a new blog which turns out is actually pretty amusing from time to time. Like today. Over on Viva Trash! the Sizz has tried to explain La Canada to some inquiring minds:

“La Canada is nestled smugly north of Pasadena and south of nothingness. It is full of total nutjobs. These are all facts.

I don’t know what it is. The water? The bad air quality? A comfortably bland upper-middle class suburban life? I’ve never heard of another city where it’s ten out of ten crazies every time.

The first time I ever experienced the La Canada was in my senior year of high school. I started taking a figure drawing class at Art Center that was especially for high school students. Most of the class was comprised of high schoolers from La Canada and they were all nuts. Sometimes, when I use the word ‘nuts’, I actually mean ‘fucking obnoxious’, just so you know.”

There’s more, much more where that came from.

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  1. technically Altadena is North of Pasadena and La Canada is north of Glendale… but what do I know I’m from Chicago.

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