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sunset and silverlake

I don’t know if this is at all connected to Koga’s post below but when I passed Sunset & Silverlake about an hour ago there was definitely something going on. What I don’t know because all I could see was that sunset was blocked off starting at Parkman and headed south for several blocks. There were cones and flares and cops like you can see in this photo but what you can’t see are several more police cruisers parked sideways blocking the road headed down for several blocks. Anyone know the scoop?

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, the LAPD News Dept has the report:

” On Tuesday evening, a man was shot several times in the Silver Lake Area.

On January 31, 2006 at about 5:58 p.m., LAPD Officers were dispatched to an Ambulance Shooting call in the 2800 Block of West Sunset Boulevard. Officers found the victim, a 27-year-old, male Hispanic with several gunshot wounds.

The victim died at the scene. The victim’s identity is being withheld until his family has been notified.

This is an ongoing investigation and the motive for this shooting appears to be gang related.

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  1. I passed by there about 8:20 or so and there was a cleanup team down there.

    There was a huge group of trucks with power washers cleaning up something. I thought it was some sort of graffiti eradication at first, then it seemed to have something to do with some sort of spill? It was hard to tell … I was hoping it was to eliminate that awful smell down there.

  2. While I can’t say what other agencies may have been doing there in the hours that followed, at 5:59 PM, there was a request for LAFD Firefighters and Paramedics to respond to a *reported* (emphasis added) shooting in the 2800 block of Sunset Boulevard. There were no patients transported from that location.

    The only other call for the Fire Department in that general area came in at 7:04 PM, when Firefighters were sent to the 1400 block of North Echo Park Avenue to assist a person “locked inside a parking lot”. Details were sketchy, but Firefighters cleared the scene in less than ten minutes.

    Then again, the Police and DOT crews may have been handling something completely different at or near the 9:00PM hour.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  3. I basically live around the corner and I had no clue of the jam. But come to think of it, I believe I recall hearing what sounded like two gunshots in the early evening.

  4. I was trying to attend the She Wants Revenge record release event at Amoeba Music when I ran into that. Was stuck in traffic nearly an extra hour because of it and completely missed the show. I can only imagine the turn-out was pretty disappointing because of it.

    I’m all for political activism and would love to see Bush step down but blocking off a major road during rush hour in an already very liberal and anti-Bush area seemed aimed at only pissing all of us commuters off. Very counter-productive in my opinion.

    And from what I overheard in Amoeba once I finally got there a lot of the protesters were complete bandwagoners who joined in just for the sake of joining in and several with the hopes of getting laid. Not a very noble lot it seems.

  5. I am just speculating, but I went by the jam at around 7:40 and then again at about 9:20. I can pretty much bet you all my money it was *not* protester-related and most likely something like a shooting. (Read Will C’s reports of shootings in that block in the past year or so.) Several unmarked police cars were haphazardly parked in the middle of Sunset, and from what I’ve gathered, they don’t typicall show up for oil spoills or Bush protesters. When I drove back by the other way right after 9, they moved the cones to let an ambulance out (without its sirens or anything). Someone got shot and/or killed is my guess.

  6. Now that I think back on it, there was also a cop car pulled over for no apparent reason on Silverlake Blvd. right after the 101.

    There was no backup at all at 8:20 and when I went through the underpass, there were no cop cars down there, just a long line of at least four different kinds of trucks, one I think from the DWP, one red thing that I thought was from the LAFD but maybe wasn’t according to Brian’s report. Maybe it was an ambulance?

    The backup seemed to affect the lanes in the opposite direction. Not folks heading into Silverlake.

  7. I live down the street from the police station, and there were more squad cars racing down the street than i have ever seen. i really want to know what happened.

  8. Cybele wrote…

    …one red thing that I thought was from the LAFD but maybe wasn’t according to Brian’s report. Maybe it was an ambulance?

    It *may* have been one of our vehicles, but was not formally “assigned” (i.e. dispatched) to any incident at that hour.

    That much said, following some events, our crews have been known to return to or simply drive by a location in an “available via radio” status. As such, we don’t track their particular endeavors.

    FWIW, nothing major (LAFD wise) came across my desk from that neighborhood last night, so I’m really at a loss to share much until my formal return to work on Super Bowl Sunday.

    You might want to try the desk at the nearest Community Police Station, or even chat with one of the local DOT Traffic Officers at the nearest convenience store, as those agencies seem to have had the handle on that increasingly mysterious event. While they may not be able to share in-depth information, possibly they can shed some light on what did and did not occur.

    Please Stay Safe and Be Well,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  9. While they may not be able to share in-depth information, possibly they can shed some light on what did and did not occur.

    You probably just meant this in the sense that they might not know exactly what happened, but this reminds me of the response that we got trying to follow up on the police activity that I posted about two weeks ago. We called 877.ASK.LAPD and our local station (Rampart) about the activity in front of our house and nobody was able to tell us anything. The officer from Rampart was extremely unhelpful and gave us a bit of a runaround. The best he could do was to tell us to call back to ask the evening desk seargant (that title may be off a bit) who would be able to tell us only whether there was anything that we needed to be concerned about but no specifics about what happened. Since when did the LAPD become a full time black op? I wish they were as transparent as the LAFD.

  10. Here’s what happened: A man was shot to death. One gunshot, and then three more a couple minutes later. The police suspect it was gang-related. I was one of the witnesses.

  11. Related or unrelated, it’s hard to know … but it’s likely gang-related. Two friends and I witnessed a shooting not faraway (Silver Lake Blvd. and Marathon) on June 3rd, 2005. I immediately called 911, but the line was busy for 10 minutes plus, and by the time the police got there it was too late to do/see anything. No one was reported injured and the police found “no signs” of any shooting … nor any other witnesses. That surprised me, because the man shot 4-5 rounds, leaning out of his car, at a very busy intersection. Others certainly saw the incident. However, the MOST surprising part was learning a few days later (when I called to follow up!) that the LAPD did not file a report. No wonder this kind of shit continues to happen throughout the city.

  12. For the record, the police in Tuesday’s incident were very serious and very professional. They acted quickly, and hopefully they’ll be able to solve this one.

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