Anti-State Of The Union on the Westside

For those who can’t make it to the Derby to join the festivities there, CodePINK L.A. is hosting a State of the Union watching party at Yankee Doodle’s on the Promenade, starting at 5:30pm today, January 31st. And the girls have developed a game of Liar’s Bingo. So every time Bush revises some history, cross off a square! I believe we also have squares for when he just makes up new Bushisms as well. Should be good times indeed.

Also, our own Mayor will be giving the official Spanish language Democrat response after Bush’s speech! Villaraigosa will be, I believe, focusing on poverty and homelessness in America. Go Antonio! Way to represent! I hope there’s a translation available to watch that, too. On that note, I wonder if Bush will address the poverty and hopelessness that Katrina brought to light this year? One of the reasons I protest the war is because I believe it’s a distraction from the real issues in America: education, poverty, health care, civil liberties. I didn’t like reading 1984 when it was assigned to me in high school, and I sure don’t like feeling like I’m living it ten years later.

So please, let other Westsiders know – you don’t have to schlep to Los Feliz to yell at the TV! You can do that here in Santa Monica!

2 thoughts on “Anti-State Of The Union on the Westside”

  1. Now this actually makes the prospect of watching the State of the Union Address intriguing! I usually avoid them like the plague…no matter who’s in office, actually. Bleah.

  2. Come out out then! I played bingo with my office to the SoTU last year, and it made listening to W so much more bearable than it would have been otherwise ;-)

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