She Wants Revenge… So do I

The recommended show of the week over at losanjealous is that band She Wants Revenege who are playing a show at Amoeba. They write:

“Two former b-boys from the Valley join forces to form a goth rock band? Is this a joke? Gloom rockers are supposed to be mysterious, wear lots of mascara and live in caves. I feel like I could run into these dudes at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Fuddruckers. No really, are these guys fucking with us? Find out Tuesday when they play a free show at Amoeba.

In case you don’t know who SWR is, they are that band who you probably heard last month on Indie 103 or KROQ and thought “wow, this new Interpol song is kinda catchy.” Interpol of course being that band you probably heard on Indie 103 or KROQ last year and thought “wow, I’ve never heard this Joy Division song before.”

12 thoughts on “She Wants Revenge… So do I”

  1. If your gonna see these guys, out and about, it’s gonna definitely gonna be at the Glendale Galleria Red Robin not the Sherman Oaks Fuddruckers. Both good eateries but Red Robin’s got the fried egg Royal.

  2. It’s funny that everyone recognizes that She Wants Revenge is horrible. And if you don’t, you haven’t heard the song yet. Just listen to it. The words are ridiculous. And I’m a huge Interpol fan, and I concede their lyrics are bad at times, but come on, “I want to hold you close
    Soft breasts, beating heart
    As I whisper in your ear
    I want to f*cking tear you apart”

    And that’s the chorus.

  3. cf. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

    Sound-alike wankers, the whole bloody lot. What’s hilarious is Indie broke ’em, and now KROQ’s piled on.

  4. FF, you’re crazy if you think that chorus is any worse than an Interpol lyric. It might not be your cup o’ tea thematically, but it’s certainly no worse than:

    But she once fell through the street
    Down a manhole in that bad way
    The underground drip
    Was just like her scuba days

    All of those 80’s redux bands (e.g., The Killers) are boneheaded lyricists. If you’re a fan of Interpol or JD, then I don’t see how you can not at least appreciate SWR’s sound.

  5. I can’t deal with SWR over any of those other bads because of the RIDICULOUS amount of monotonous detachment that the singer throws down. I mean, c’mon, it’s almost a bad caricature of those 80’s redux bands.

  6. I found it way more efficient to go directly from Joy Division to SWR. They’re also playing it on high frequency down at Bar Sinister. And while I like SWR just fine, one can only hope that this isn’t a renaissance of nouveau goth bands. I do not want to hear anyone from the Valley taking on Sisters of Mercy.

  7. all these 80s redux bands are an insult – the lead singer of SWR is a failed rapper – the front men for The Bravery and The Killers are failed ska-band front men.

    seems this country embraces mediocrity and anything below it – hello Mr. President!

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