Unexpected Saints & Car Karma

I am thankful. It took a day or two, but I am thankful to be alive after a hit and run accident that totaled my sweet car (which had just TWO payments to go til I owned it outright, dammit!).
Thursday night I was coming home from a meeting in Bev HIlls around 5pm. Traffic was kind of thick, thirty miles per hour or so on Fountain. I was traveling east when out of nowhere, a blue sports car shot out through the intersection, RIGHT in front of me….literally seconds from a huge collision with me. Everything slowed down in my mind…except him and my car.
I jammed on my brakes and skidded right….into a stop sign which I cleanly sheared in two. All my airbags deployed. Stunned, I staggered from my smoking car. The weasel never even stopped to see if I was alive.
Amazingly, a wonderful knight in shining armor named Kris Beverly…yes sistah, they do exist in Hollywood… followed the stupid fucks who caused the accident. Kris chased them til they realized they were being followed and high-tailed it out of the area. He got their license plate, the make of the car and then he and another witness, Brian, verified enough details so that the officer who did the police report listed it as a hit and run accident. Lucky for me, since I could only remember the color of the car.
The weird thing is that in cases like these, they don’t pursue the perps. They put out a warrant for a hit and run on his plate, and when he tries to renew registration or sell his car, he’ll have to deal. In the meantime, my insurance company has to pursue him.
I’m really bruised up, my back, hips and neck are out of whack….but now the that the mental fog has cleared, I’m super thankful for all the people who came to my aid that afternoon. At least ten people came out of their apartments with water, blankets, cell phones and concern. It really made me realize that… although there are exceptions to the rule, most people do care enough about the plight of a stranger to offer help. There are angels out there and some of them protected me. And for that I am thankful.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Saints & Car Karma”

  1. Wow, hope everything is all right. It sucks that the cops don’t actively search for the car or anything. All it takes is one call to the house, and it could save many lives. There was a hit-and-run in front of my apartment on the night before Christmas where they hit and killed a woman walking her dog. They have no leads, except the car may have been white. How sad…

  2. Very glad you are OK. (My chiropractor is fantastic if you don’t already have one. Dr. Doug at the Pain Relief Center in Studio City.) I hope your insurance is kind to you and you get a new car with minimal hassle.

  3. A few days before Thanksgiving a few years ago, I was rear-ended on the freeway (in my roommate’s car – cringe). It wasn’t nearly as serious as your incident, but the douche who hit me also took off. I figured that was that – but the guy who was behind the douche managed to get the license plate number. I have no idea who it was, but I’m thankful he/she had the presence of mind to note the digits – I can’t say I’d think fast enough to do the same at all.

    When I filed the police report, the cops told me that it seems to be a rule that when they do follow up on the plates, they frequently turn up on the doorsteps of a previous owner who never filed all the correct paperwork.

    The lesson: yes, good people who react swiftly still exist and, if you’re going to sell your car, ALWAYS make sure you square the records with the DMV so you aren’t held liable criminally or hounded by insurance companies.

    Oh, and if you cause an accident – stop your f-ing car. Jeez.

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