These Are The People In My Neighborhood

So my wife Susan and I went for a four-mile Sunday stroll from our Silver Lake home all the way along Sunset Boulevard to the Hollywood Farmers Market on Ivar ‚Äî just because we’re crazy like that. We loaded up on produce then hopped the No. 2 bus back home. That whole walking/public transportation thing is cool, like a never-ending theatrical unfolding on the go. You should try it some time.

One of the technicolor players we passed was the gentlemen pictured below who proclaims himself “El Circo Loco.” I’ve had occasions previously to drive by as he struts and frets on the southwest corner of Sunset and Golden Gate. Passing him this time as pedestrians he was kind enough to interupt his matinee of music and dance for Susan to snap some pictures. After tipping him he picked up where he’d left off and so did we (click images to biggify).

2 thoughts on “These Are The People In My Neighborhood”

  1. I, too, have seen this fella dancing along Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake. What a colorful character! Not sure what inspired him to take his act to the streets, but he always brings a smile to my face. “Go, El Circo Loco, go!” The world needs more to smile about.

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