No More Antitrust Laws?

Okay so I’m a crackpot. I freely admit it, so hold your namecalling please.

Lately I’ve been seeing commercials and billboards proclaiming the delightful merger between at&t and sbc. This on the heels of Cingular merging with at&t just last year, further limiting your choice of cell phone providers. This makes me wonder….

Since I am So Old, I remember way back in the dusty old last century when Ma Bell was forced to break into little tiny non-antitrust-law-violating pieces, thus giving birth to local phone providers (like Pacific Bell, which quietly got eaten up by sbc years ago).

I have been noticing a slow and utterly ignored progression of big fish eats little fish here, and I’m wondering

Whatever happened to the legislation that broke up these giant telephone/communications monopolies?

We still have Verizon, Cingular and T Mobile for cell phone service, but sbc ingested all telephone and dsl service long ago and now they are safely back in the bosom of at&t.

Am I just nuts? Is anybody else alarmed by this?

5 thoughts on “No More Antitrust Laws?”

  1. I think it’s like that bad guy in T2 – everytime you smash him into a zillion bits, they all just ooze back together again.

    As far as the law goes – we don’t really respect that much anymore in this country, do we?

  2. LOL great imagery, CD. The breakup was a joke anyway. All it did was make a bunch of little monopolies in different areas.

  3. That’s exactly my point – so why was/is it allowed to happen, and further, where are all the people who should be yelling about it?

  4. Oh, Bullshit.

    This has been going on in the background a lot longer than he’s been in office.

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