I’ve recently been turned on to an online Scrabble gaming site called “Internet Scrabble Club.” Now, I know about that new funky number puzzle thingy that’s taking the nation by storm (what is it called?), but I’m old school. I still loves me some Scrabble. I suppose I’ve always had a knack for words and letters. After all, I was almost the fifth grade Spelling Bee champ in my elementary school (damn you “tempest”. Why did I think you had an “a”?), not to mention the fact that I can still spell antidisestablishmentarianism without even thinking about using spellcheck. As a matter of fact, I never use spellcheck. Come on folks, THAT’S a gift. (wait, is spellcheck one word?)

A few years ago, there was a screening of the documentaty called Scrabylon, by Los Angeles filmmaker Scott Peterson (no, not that one). It’s a great little 50 minute documentary, which you should throw in your Netflix cue if you’re into Scrabble at all.

ANYWAY, I think it’s clear that I rule at Scrabble. If you’re interested in “schooling me,” or any of the other thousands of players online, swing by the Internet Scrabble Club. My name there is SN89. Yeah, that’s right, I graduated High School in 1989. Honors English, suckers.

(Weirdly though, I got a 520 on the verbal portion of the SAT and a 580 on the math portion. I blame numbers for the obvious mistake.)

Stupid numbers. Everyone knows it’s all about the letters.

And the Benjamins, I suppose.

And perhaps the “He said, she said Bullsh*t.”

But no, mostly letters.


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  1. You should also check out Word Wars, a Scrabble docu also by some local folks. I saw it at Sundance a couple years ago – it’s all about the underbelly of the professional scrabble players league.

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