congratulations, los angeles, all your problems are solved

I don’t live in the City of Los Angeles. I’m one of the countless suburban rabble who come into the city a few times a week, though, and I’ve dumped enough of my time and money into the city proper to feel like I’ve got a bit of a stake in how she’s doing.

And brother, I am so happy and excited today to congratulate the City of Los Angeles on solving all of her crime and legal problems. Some time in the last few days, the last Crip was put in jail, MacArthur Park was swept clean of drug dealers and hustlers, and every last bit of violent crime was snuffed out. I know that all of these social ills have been cured, because Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo now has the time and resources to sue, on behalf of all of the residents of the City of Los Angeles, the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. was sued by Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo, who said the video game maker failed to disclose that its “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” game contained “pornographic” content.

Take-Two used “deceptive marketing practices and fraudulent manipulation of an industry rating system” to sell the game as “mature” rated while it should have been marketed as “adults only,” Delgadillo said in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Of course, the cynical among us may suggest that this lawsuit has more to do with pandering before next year’s election (where Delgadillo is running for Attorney General), or perhaps is designed to draw attention away from the audit which was highly critical of Delgadillo’s office, because it spent 32 million dollars on outside attorneys last year, almost double what it has spent since 2000.

[A]s the city increased its reliance on outside legal counsel, Delgadillo’s oversight of the work was consistently weak, auditors found.

The city attorney’s office repeatedly failed to produce documents to account for why firms were selected, according to the audit. In one case, the auditors found only a single e-mail indicating a discussion about hiring an outside counsel, despite internal rules calling for written justification for such decisions.

A 2004 Times investigation found that attorneys at many of the law firms that received work had given to Delgadillo’s political campaigns.

Delgadillo denied at the time there was any connection to his contracting decisions.

I’m sure Delgadillo would love to answer these questions, but he’s very busy right now, protecting our precious children and our fair city from those evil video games. He’s just doing his job, guys, spending your taxes on issues which are clearly a top priority for every Angeleno.

3 thoughts on “congratulations, los angeles, all your problems are solved”

  1. Oh, thank goodness. Everything MUST be peachy when such timely lawsuits are being filed. (Didn’t Rockstar apologize and “fix” this months ago?)

  2. I always thought that Rockstar/Take-Two software got screwed. The game AS SOLD was fine, the only way that you could get to the “naughty” bits was if you downloaded and applied a hack that some guy made.It’s a bit like putting a Playboy magazine in the trunk of a Caddy and then suing GM for selling a car that could carry things some people find offensive! Or better analogy still, tearing it apart and finding a naughty picture inside a suspension sub-frame box member, then suing GM.Obviously a political football that’s being used to distract from the corruption (er… alleged) or simply to gain votes (although you’d think this would backfire in the world capitol of the porn industry!)

  3. Rocky Delgadillo is one of the most corrupt politicians to hit the scene in a while. This lawsuit is clearly an attempt to deflect attention from today’s stories about his highly irregular contracting practices, which have cost LA taxpayers millions of dollars.

    What’s even more perverse is the fact that he calls himself “Rockstar Delgadillo,”so he is, in some bizarre fashion, attempting to “make a name for himself” via this lawsuit. Sick joke, Rocktard!

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