Shy FX @ Funcktion

shy fx

Last night Shy FX rocked the house with a bangin’ two hour set at LA’s newest drum’n’bass weekly, Funcktion, located at the Vanguard on Hollywood Blvd. The Vanguard has an amazing sound system and the bass with earthshakingly thick, the bar was flowing and the crowd was hyped. Tonight Moving Fusion will be dropping some hot wax at Respect and I’ll be there to capture it on my CF card. More photos after the jump.


hands up

shy fx

The whole group can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Shy FX @ Funcktion”

  1. Unless you know something I don’t, Funktion (with a “k”) is not a drum ‘n’ bass weekly. It was launched as Vanguard’s DJ-driven dance night last year, but the nights became quite inconsistent and seem to have morphed into one-offs (special events), not a weekly, and not all drum ‘n’ bass.

  2. Sr. H: Are you serious? Have you been to the Vanguard since the renovation? Qtopia was horrid.

    D.R.: I know something you don’t. Funktion is not exactly an original name. This Funktion is a drum’n’bass weekly put on by Bassrush (aka Insomniac). It is LA’s newest dnb club. You can get more info here:


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