SAG wises up, enters 20th century was not chosen for the Screen Actors Guild Awards TV nominating committee again this year, but they’ve managed to soldier on without me.

In fact, they’ve finally gotten hip to the fact that 99.999% of their constituency lives online‚Äîeven the most employed actors have scads of free time and the unemployed ones gots that nice T1 line at the temp job‚Äîand are offering online balloting this year.

That’s the good news. The bad news is: (a) still no free passes to members for nominated films at normal theaters (seeing a movie with a bunch of actors is worse than the morning mommy show at the Grove); and, even worse, (b) the same-old, same-old dreck from which we get to vote. Not exactly inspiring, you know?

My idea to reinvigorate the SAG awards? Embrace forward-thinking technology and co-sponsor the Video Podcast Awards! Let’s Taft-Hartley those Tiki Bar kids into the union while we can and jack up our profile!