Let’s face it…

…celebrities live in L.A.

But I love it when you spot someone you know from TV/movies at some mundane place (as opposed to at some chic store or party or restaurant).

It’s no Fabio sighting, but I just had it happen earlier this evening… I spotted Kevin Weisman chatting with a friend near the check-out lines at the Home Depot on Sunset, just off the 101.

Your favorite/most recent “mundane” celebrity sighting?

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  1. I saw Kim Fields (Tootie from Facts of Life, Regine from Living Single) in Target on Santa Monica and La Brea late one Friday night. Spotted her in the beauty products area.

  2. Saw Steve-o (Nicole Richie’s current fling(?), all around Jackass) in the hard alcohol aisle at Rock n’ Roll Ralphs. Not very surprising I suppose.

  3. I’ve seen Christina Ricci and some dude (who looks familiar to me but I don’t know. . .) at the Shortstop and the Cha Cha around Echo Park. She mostly just acted drunk and made out with that dude.

  4. The genius himself, Dolph Lundgren on Wilshire, outside of the straight to cable empire Nu-Image/Millennium Films. I wonder if he’s got another Abramhoff movie in the works.

  5. Speaking of Tootie (mentioned in the first comment by Kat) it doesn’t get more mundane than car insurance and back in a past life when I sold the stuff for the long-gone FGS Insurance Company (“Insure For Less With FGS!”) I not only wrote a policy for Kim Fields, but later on the one and only Dana Plato, both of whom were wasted when they came in to sign on the dotted line.

  6. Toluca Mart (Formerly Dale’s Jr) in Toluca Lake is chock full of mondane star sightings (almost running over Jennifer Love Hewitt in the parking lot….oops), but most memorable was when I was quite young, Herve Sjnbdjbsdklabs????(Tattoo from Fantasy Island) was standing behind us in line….he was attempting to look up my mom’s skirt!

  7. In years past my husband and I were nearly run down by Carrie Fisher (somewhere on Franklin) and Gary Busey (Ralphs at Fountain and La Brea). Both times were were inside our vehicle, but I was on foot when the late Jonathan Brandis nearly hit me when I was crossing King Street at Santa Monica several years back. Oddly, I can’t think of any recent sitings. I think I just don’t notice celebrities. Though I did spot Jeffrey Jones or a reasonable facsimile in traffic the other week. Maybe I can only identify people in vehicles.

  8. Humbly speaking, I wouldn’t qualify the Echo, the Shortstop or Cha Cha as “mundane.” They seem more likely to attract hipster “indie” celebrities than anything else. Mundane = grocery stores and Petco and other places you go to be homey and such, right?

    My recent favorite: Last Friday I pulled up to Rocket Video with my boyfriend, just as Ron Livingston and a blonde were getting out of his lime-green, early-1970s Mustang. We walked up to the doors at the same time, only to find that they were closed. We all shared an “Damnit! Oh, well…” moment, and went our separate ways.

    I’m in the catering business so I run into actors often. I’ll admit I’m amused most of the time, but then I realize they’re all just people, except with nicer clothes and more money than me, and I get back to work. But this time I froze a little in starstruckness – hey, “Swingers” was (and still is) one of my favorite movies, and “Office Space” kills.

    Rocket closes at 11pm on Fridays, by the way – lame!!

  9. My wife and I were shopping at IKEA and we spotted Cameron Diaz undercover with a big old jacket on and a hat and big Jackie O glasses.

    James Spader at the LA Bike Expo.

    R. Lee Ermey at the Antelope Valley Mall.

  10. I’ve seen quite a few celebs at Rocket. I think the last one was Diedrich Bader at Rocket. But my favorite? A few weeks ago I saw Drew Barrymore at Target in West Hollywood.

  11. Most mundane:
    Jean Claude Van Damme at a strip club in the Valley.

    Most cool:
    James Spader at the Toys R Us on La Cienega north of the 10 Freeway. He and his girlfriend were looking at PS2 videogames for his kid and I recommended Jak and Dexter.

  12. I, too, ran into Drew Barrymore, at Samy’s Camera on Fairfax last year. She was at the rentals counter asking questions, and I was heading upstairs to the pro dept. I was tempted to stop and talk with her. But decided better. Oh well.

  13. Oh!

    I forgot about the time we spotted Mark Linn Bakker (you know, Cousin Larry Appleton from Perfect Strangers) in the parking lot at the Target/Best Buy at the West Hollywood Gateway.

  14. Clearly, spotting celebrities is a pastime for many Angelinos — so much so that my partner and I include sightings in our annual Christmas letter. Friends, especially those back east, seem to LUV it! Two of my favorites: 1) gorgeous Dyan Cannon carefully inspecting pears at the WeHo Pavilions; and 2) the late Rodney Dangerfield sucking face with a blond babe in the Thrifty parking lot in Beverly Hills. Oh, and spotting Angelyne’s hot pink Vette parked along La Cienega while she gazed up at one of her tribute billboards. Priceless!

  15. I almost ran over Jason Lee the other day at Gelson’s in silverlake. Loved him in Almost Famous, etc., but, as he blithely strolled in front of my car while i was on my way into a spot, clearly not caring about the fact that I was blocking other cars from getting by while we all waited for his imperial ass, I was more than a little tempted.

    Plus we would have had the added bonus of getting “Earl” off the air for a while.

  16. My fave? Bobby Trendy (if you count him as a celeb… I do, based on his red carpet outfits alone) followed by Suge Night at a burger stand in WeHo. But that’s of the random variety. For the non-random variety… Vince Vaughn dissing a friend of mine who wanted to take a picture with him at Chi.

  17. Jeffery Jones with a cart full of groceries in Trader Joes, looking hung over. Oliver Stone at the Apple Store, looking hung over. Michel Gondry looking at shoes in Macy’s. He didn’t look hung over.

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