Coachella Pre-Sale is for Chumps

In case you didn’t already know, the Coachella pre-sale starts tomorrow at 10AM. What’s so strange about that, you might ask? How about that they aren’t announcing the line-up until next week! And given that it rarely (if ever?) sells out, it’s not like you need to jump on that pre-sale or miss out. If you’re dropping $100+ on tickets for a show and you don’t even know who’s playing yet, I say you’re a chump. Unless you’re in the music business and you need to go every year for work or something. But if that’s the case, you’re probably already a chump.

(BTW, that “leaked Coachella lineup” that I posted earlier seems to have originated here. Gotta give credit where it’s due.)

3 thoughts on “Coachella Pre-Sale is for Chumps”

  1. oh come now. . .you’re only a chump if you’re in the music industry and you actually have to pay to go to coachella.

  2. >given that it rarely (if ever?) sells out,

    It has sold out in the past (when the Pixies played). Also do not underestimate the power of Depeche Mode who has been announced. They recently sold out 2 nights at the Staple Center and 2 nights at the Pond. Which I’m pretty sure is a lot more tickets than Coachella has.

  3. Someone wanna buy me tickets so I can blog about it? :P

    I’m sure that it wont sell out. Depeche Mode is awesome, but selling out an entire festival in a presale seems unlikely.

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