Celebrate Pie!

Did you know that today is National Pie Day? The American Pie Council suggests “To celebrate National Pie Day share the warmth of the ultimate “comfort food” by giving the gift of pie to a friend or neighbor. Your generosity will be long remembered.” They have more tips for celebrating on their site. (Thanks for the pie, Toasty!)

But I can’t seem to find much pie in LA. So, does anyone have pie tips? What’s your favorite pie?

14 thoughts on “Celebrate Pie!”

  1. To further the House of Pies suggestions, if you like cream pie I’d go for the banana cream or strawberry cream at H.o.P…

    Ahh! That’s my after work stop tonight. My tummy is growling already…

  2. Hey , does anyone know where to get a decent pecan pie . When Dwontwon”s best changed hands there went my Pecan Pies too.

    They can’t be too sweet and maed with too much dark corn syrup.

    Someone please help me!!!!!

  3. How about the Apple Pan on Pico? I haven’t had pie from there in years, but they used to be good.

  4. I must be the only person in Los Angles who doesn’t recommend House of Pies for pie. Everything I’ve ever had there, including the pie, sucked. There’s got to be a better place. I don’t know if Doughboys or Joan’s on Third has pie, but if they do it’s got to be better than HoP.

  5. Ruthie beat me to it: Pie ‘N Burger, hands down. A slice of their warm cherry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting over it? Heaven!

    (And I agree with 5000! House of Pies? House of Flies is more like it.)

  6. Pie is my favorite food and I don’t eat it at House of Pies anymore, after a really lousy slice of microwaved pecan. Sad! I third the Pie ‘N Burger suggestion, and recommend you have both pie ‘n burger.

  7. I went ahead and got a pecan pie from the aforementioned Marie Callender’s on Wilshire… very convenient since I work in the neighborhood. :)

  8. Apple Pan makes my favorite pie hands down. The burger at Pie n Burger is great and the pie looks fantabulous. I bet it tastes great too. But Apple Pan is the vote for the Westwood area. Yum. The line is out the door around Thanksgiving. Normally the boysenberry pie is my favorite. The banana cream is loved by those who like that type of pie. The Chocolate is also awesome. During the Holidays the Apple Pan bakes a good pumpkin pie. The cherry pie is also awesome but I think that is only available one day a week.

    Check out these links for pie reviews:


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