Graffiti Paraphernalia

Last night Caryn and I went to the Jay Ryan show/event put on by our friends at Foundation Projects which took place in the future home of Gallery Revisted. It’s the back half of a storefront on Sunset just north of Silverlake Blvd and looks like it’s coming along nicely. We were talking with Mike from Junc Gallery (also the back half of a storefront on Sunset, just north of Santa Monica Blvd in Silverlake) about how cool it is to see the street developing. New shops left and right. He asked if we’d seen the graffiti store yet. Graffiti store? Where you can buy some graffiti? What, you can walk in and order the 3rd tag on the left, in blue? No, nothing like that, apparently it’s a shop that sells graffiti paraphenalia. Whatever that might entail. Or at lease that what the three of us assumed, none of us having actually been there. I was thinking that it’s probably a limited market and they should quickly expand into offering graffiti lifestyle services and pimpage. Here’s a few things they could offer just off the top of my head:


  1. Services: People could go in with their baseball hats and pay $5 for them to cock them to the side at the perfect angle.
  2. Enchanges: A guy could go there with a pair of 32 in waist pants and trade them in for a pair of 38s of the same style, for that extra baggy feel.
  3. Customizations: If someone brought in their cell phone, the people at the store could select the perfect graff-reference sticker for it, and for an additional fee, actually stick it on the phone.
  4. Name Consultation/Generation: If you are going to get anywhere in the scene you need a hot name like KAWS or REVS or REVOKE. But how can you be sure the one you picked is cool enough? Just swing by the store and tell them your idea, the store will run it though a massive DB of names to make sure it’s not already in use (to avoid beatdowns) and check coolness rating. If you can’t think of your own name, you can buy one off them.
  5. Exit Strategy: This is for the oldsters who have been writing since the 80’s. Some of these guys have spent years building up a name and a rep, but now they have wives and kids and it’s hard to juggle the two. Time to cash in. The store could offer buy the name which they could then sell off to some newschooler at a premium. Think about how much some rich kid who wants to be down would pay to be Futura?
  6. Language Classes: Last thing people want to do is look the part and then blow it when they open their mouth. Can you imagine this young lady (pictured right) saying “Hello there Fellas, I spray paint using the street name RAX. What’s your nickname?” It would be a disaster. This class could give customers the skillz to fit in.

That’s just a few to get them started. I think they could be the start of a whole new market!

3 thoughts on “Graffiti Paraphernalia”

  1. Actually, I CAN picture the young lady saying that to me. I can also picture her saying, “FF, you gorgeous piece of Los Angeles booty.” And then she’d tag, “Rax hearts Freedom Fighter.”

  2. Aw, sounds like someone woke up on the grumpy side of the bed this morning. This is America and we live in Hollywood, there’s few things more entertaining than generalizing entire subcultures and movements. Really, you should try it, might cheer you up.

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