Land of the Lost

lost catHaving been on the search side of several vanished pets (some successful, others not), I can certainly empathize with the guardians of the missing feline whose flyer (click image to biggify) I found plastered around the neighborhood during a walk with the dog this morning. I’m doing my part and putting forth a sharp eye and best wishes for the kitty’s return, but I can’t help but wonder if the cat scrammed because it was made to suffer a long line of dress-ups, the final straw being the very necktie his people hope he can be found with now.

5 thoughts on “Land of the Lost”

  1. Yep. About ten years ago my then-wife’s cousin agreed to babysit, at her place, my wife’s plump, elderly cat while we were on vacation. The cousin lived in a condo at the very top of Beachwood, adjacent to the wild of the hills. One morning all Cousin Renee could do was watch helplesly as four coyotes surrounded the cat in the field adjacent to the condo and then pounced it and literally tore it into fours.

    I wasn’t all that sad to hear it really. I hated that damn cat, one of those pets that you inherit when you marry (“I’ve had Beanie for seven years and I’m not giving her up just because you have allergies to cats. Take a Claritin.”)

    My ex-wife had a helluva time keeping animals, really. She had a horse that she stabled near Griffith Park. When she was pregnant I forebade her to ride as she entered her second trimester so she put out a half-lease on the horse. The horse was killed while being rode by the lessee, slipping on moss covered rocks while crossing the L.A. River.

    Oh well.

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