Twelve Years Ago Today

94quake4.jpgMan, in the years that followed it, there was nothing stopping me from remembering today’s significance. But with the last couple, not so much. It wasn’t until I was physically looking at a calendar a moment ago that the lightbulb went off about it being the anniversary of the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Don’t know where you were at 4:31 a.m. that horrible morning, but I was living in Sherman Oaks when the devil’s freight train started popping wheelies beneath my house.

To the right is Cafe Cordiale on Ventura Boulevard fully involved. There are few more pictures I took that morning after the jump… using one of those old “film” cameras.

I climbed atop my motorcycle and rode up to Mulholland just after sunrise. This image from a vistapoint area on Mulholland east of Benedict Canyon shows the valley full of smoke.

An aftershock frozen in time. I snapped this of the hillside’s edge as it crumbled during an aftershock.

Back down to the valley floor here’s another shot of the fire at Cafe Cordiale.

2 thoughts on “Twelve Years Ago Today”

  1. I do greet the wee hours of Jan 16/17 with a bit of anxiety still.

    The Man and I moved just 18 days earlier from an apartment on Moorpark at Woodman to Silverlake.

    Oh, and that first photo of the restaurant/cleaners on fire? That building in the background that also became involved in the blaze was where I worked as an office manager at the time. I helped the company rescue the computers and files from the smoke/earthquake/water damaged offices, set up temporary quarters and was then fired. Good times, good times.

    At least I came out of it with my family and home safe, which is not something everyone could say at the time.

  2. I once knew one of the victims of the Northridge Meadows collapse. He spent months in hospital in recovery, and the BBS (remember those?) we were on helped his state of mind immensely. When he got his FEMA money he bought a (then) high-end computer and donated it to the BBS as a sign of gratitude. He said he spent 9 hours jammed between his mattress and a wall with several broken ribs before being dug out of the first floor of the building by rescue workers. We were lucky… only a broken dinner plate or two. I remember we had no coffee, ’cause the grinder was electric! (Note to self… get a manual grinder before the next one!)

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