Food, Forums, and Ramen. Oh my!

Jonah is digging around in his bag of tricks again over at LA Foodblogging and has just announced the new foodblogging forums. There you’ll be able to talk about food, ask questions about food, maybe even post photos of food. Or, be a part of a poll like this one which asks What is your favorite Ramen place in the Sawtelle Area? A serious question for sure, since there’s about a gazillion over there. It’s like asking what is the best Etheopian place on Fairfax. Oh! Maybe that can be the next poll question.

2 thoughts on “Food, Forums, and Ramen. Oh my!”

  1. Ethiopian on Fairfax is definitely on deck. Even better, anyone can create a forum topic with a poll.

    There also needs to be a mass local blogger food event, combining the forces of all of these local conglomorates and descending on an unsuspecting eatery…

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for pointing out LA Foodblogging! It seems like a great resource and would potentially compliment my pet project, My pet project, lunchspark, is a glorified lunch buddy finder.

    I hope somebody reads my email there, but in any case, nice job on finding these gems like LA Foodblogging.

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