slooooooow… gaaaaaaas… aleeeeeeerrrrt

If you plan on doing anything at all today I’d suggest that you avoide trying to fill up your car at the 76 station on the corner of Hyperion & Griffith Park. I was just there and after about 10 minutes the pup had only spit out about 2 gallons. That’s about the point that I gave up. While I was standing there I noticed several other would-be-gas-pumpers complaining about the same thing. Some guy said he’d been there for half an hour and it had only pumped 8 gallons into his SUV. Another customer went and got the attendant who came out and confirmed everyones suspicians that the pump was in fact working a bit slow. He said “Yep, looks like it’s working a bit slow” then turned around and went back in.

So, yeah. It’s working a bit slow.

5 thoughts on “slooooooow… gaaaaaaas… aleeeeeeerrrrt”

  1. um.. why would anyone pump gas for 15 minutes? just go to another gas station. i know they’re few and far between in l.a. but….

  2. that gas station is almost always really slow. and also, I’ve had enormous problems with their debit readers as well, so be warned. It’s a constant battle I fight because I live so damn close to it, but it’s really pretty poorly managed.

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