Recycling…One Small Double D At A Time

Rooting around in my garage last night I realized I needed a flashlight if I didn’t want to end up in the emergency room. I do, after all, own a chainsaw, god knows when it might decide to turn on me.
So I tromped back into the house in search of a flashlight. I found seven. Unfortunately not ONE had batteries that worked. How is that possible? The upshot is that I ended up with lots of dead double D’s and other miscellaneous types of batteries. Now, I know batteries are highly toxic and that instead of tossing them, I should recycle them. But where? I checked out a couple of websites and found one, earth 911, that has alls sorts of useful info. I found out that it’s as easy as taking them to your nearby Staples or Radio Shack. So I threw them in a bag and yup! today strolled into my local Staples and dropped them down their recycling tube. They also take cell phones and other small electronic things for recycling. Ahh…problem solved and super easy.