Art or War? SRL Exhibit at Fringe Saturday


I was introduced to SRL in SF in 1995 when I worked with one of main ladies of SRL – Karen Marcelo at the same day job. She came into work one day wearing a black and yellow SRL t-shirt and told stories of their show in Texas. Later I’d hear stories of the remote control Air Launcher. I was entranced with the DIY robot destruction, and have since continued to sporadically follow SRL happenings.

I recently caught up with them in LA last April when they were in town for their SRL heart LA show.

Now, SRL is coming back to LA. FringeExhibitions is displaying the sneaky soldiers from battles complete with their battle wounds. They will be showing footage from previous battles (or you can check some out now).

The opening reception is on Jan 21st, 6-8pm at Fringe (504 chung king court, LA 90012). The exhibit runs through February 25th.

If SRL sounds like your thing, you can participate! Operate your own excessive machinery, host an event or take my favorite position: Prop and Set building: Fabricate props and sets for srl event backdrops. All your work guaranteed to be totally destroyed.

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  1. Oh hell yeah! I took flicks back in April, but my batteries were dead in my flash… I am stoked on this! Hopefully i can make the opening, as I have SAR training that weekend during the day. I’ll be sure to bring fresh batteries and my tripod!

    Here are my pics from the last show

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