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In a recent Curbed LA post, Downtown was given a bad rap for, among other things, its lack of interesting attractions in comparison with Hollywood and the West Side to which Brady Westwater responded with this massive run-on sentence listing attractions in Downtown:

…the Central Library, Little Tokyo and its theaters and museums, Chinatown and its new Arts District, the Original Arts District with its galleries and theaters, the galleries at SCI-Arc, the six – yes, SIX – new theaters that will be opening just on Main Street (St. Vibiana’s Cathedral, the Linda Lea, the free standing theater that will be part of the new Police Headquarters, the Historic Merced Theater, the new Theater at County’s new Mexican-American Cultural Center and the Regent Theater), the four theaters that will be re-open just on Broadway by the end of this year (the Orpheum, the Los Angeles, the Palace and the Million Dollar – with many more to come), the Fashion District, Disney Hall, the Music Center, Staples Center, the RedCat Theater and Gallery, the Wells Fargo Museum of the West, concerts at the Colburn School’s Zipper Auditorium, free outdoor concerts and film screenings at California Plaza, the free Zocalo lectures, free outdoor concerts and film screenings in Pershing Square, countless shows and expositions of every kind at the Convention Center, Santee Alley, winter ice skating at Pershing Square, parties by the outdoor pool of Hotel Figueroa and the rooftop pool of the Standard, free outdoor Shakespeare at the Cathedral every summer, St. Vincent’s Court, the Bradbury Building, the four theaters of the Los Angeles Theater Center on Spring Street, MOCA – both buildings of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the events at its theater, the Japanese American Cultural Center, the Chinese Museum, the new Democracy Center and Museum, Exposition Park and its many museums, the re-opened theater at the Embassy Auditorium, the eventually to re-open theaters at the old Variety Arts Building, the multiple farmer’s markets, The Mayan theater/club, the Japanese American Museum, the soon to be relocated into 20,000 feet space Neon Museum, the hopefully about to be announced move back downtown Architecture and Design Museum, the upcoming Grammy’s Theater and museum, USC (and its libraries, museums and concert halls), Gallery Row and its non-profit arts spaces, the Smell all ages night club, the multiple museums around the historic Plaza, the new Mexican-American Museum and Cultural Center across from the Plaza, the new Transportation Museum, private screening rooms and arts spaces, the Flower District, the Fashion School and its museum, and hundreds other unique attractions that can only be found in the heart of a major international city – plus new attractions that are being every single week.

Curbed posted a link to Brady’s rebuttal, but they still stand by their statements (and of course you can only comment on their stories on your own site, or by emailing the editors). I think bashing Downtown must be an especially hip thing to do these days.

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  1. Oh please don’t tell them that there’s nifty stuff Downtown. That’s all we need, a bunch of wannabe hipsters roaming around, crowding out the neighbors. Best they stick to CityWalk and just keep pretending they’re urban.

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