Yeah, what they said

I came across a few things this morning that I have been meaning to post all day but for one reason or another didn’t and some other fine sites beat me to it. So, rather than paraphrase, here’s a coupla tidbits i thought were interesting…

BoingBoing points out that the current Lists Issue of the LA Weekly is full of all kinds of fun. Mark writes:

I wrote a list of “5 Wonderful Things” for the issue. There are plenty of other great lists, like “4 Reasons to be Glad Bush is Still President” (which is pretty convincing, actually), and an excerpt from Boing Boing favorite John Hodgman‘s book, Areas of My Expertise.

Our own Caryn Coleman chipped in a list too. With some much museum world chaos this year, she tells us all about things the Hammer Museum did right.

Speaking of chaos, are you a Krispy Kreme fan? Well too bad honcho, you are about to be shit out of luck. Losanjealous says someone’s card just got pulled:

Looks as if Los Angeles-area Krispy Kremes are going to be stripped of their rights to use the name. Mama KK in North Carolina is yanking the license to all 28 So Cal stores. Something about money or something. At least one area entrepreneur is surely thrilled to hear this news.

Whether or not the orphaned KK’s can/will stay afloat as indie donut slingers is surely of the utmost concern to you, but alas remains to be seen. If they do, watch for that phenomenon where a former franchise pod rechristens itself with a trademark-skirting mutation of the national name, usually recycling the signage. Jons in Hollywood comes to mind. Obviously it was a hell of a lot cheaper just order the “J” from the Big Letter Store and swap out the “V” and keep the market. All those endless local variations on Tommy’s also come to mind: Tomy’s, Thomas’s, Tommie’s, Tommmy’s, Thoemiey’s, Johnny’s, and so on.

I wonder if they could get away with Chrispy Creme?

2 thoughts on “Yeah, what they said”

  1. That’s a downright shame. I grew up in North Carolina, and Krispy Kreme was our home away from home. After prom, it was either there or getting wasted at some rich kid’s house, so we’d end up in KK at 2am in droopy prom dresses and tuxes with sweaty lapels, watching the donuts pass under that endless fountain of glaze.

    Ah well, I still have the old store at home. Plus the local entrepreneurs can get their business back. There’s a great little donut shop in that tiny strip mall on the corner of Argyle and Franklin. It’s run by the sweetest Armenian woman and I always get a Martinelli’s apple juice with my cinnamon sugar donut.

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