Vlogging on the 405 Freeway!

I was thinking to myself, what does this site need? What can I add to blogging.la? Is the internet ready for a weekly vlog about nothing? I think so. Therefore, as the first in a series of Thursday afternoon, stream of consciousness vlogs, I give you…

Vlogging.la #1

Every Thursday, I’ll post a new vlog from the streets of LA about whatever the hell pops into my head once the camera rolls.

I predict it will last about a month.

4 thoughts on “Vlogging on the 405 Freeway!”

  1. I’m assuming you’re being facetious? ;-) TouchÈ. Still, every Thursday you can look forward to exactly the same riveting fare. The beauty of a blog? You can skip over the shit you hate. Like these vlogs!

  2. You might not use blogosphere again, but I’m going to start using internetosphere. Of course it will be shortened to netosphere eventually, once it becomes trendy but cumbersome to say internetosphere all the time. But hey, that’s the way of the world.

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