Sitting In The Waiting Room

what can be said?

Stats – Time: 8am / Location: Hollywood / Hat: Airbrushed / Jumpsuit: Blue Terrycloth / Flipflops: Pink / Gadget: Sidekick / Sunglasses: Huge / Attitude: Pouty / Photo: Classic

I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure this is Britney Spears.

18 thoughts on “Sitting In The Waiting Room”

  1. Brit Brit wouldn’t be Brit Brit without her Ugg boots (I guess that’s so 2005).

    But then again, at least she’s not going to public restrooms barefoot anymore.

  2. where in hollywood is this? it looks like you are in the waiting room of your primary care physician.

    but britney is pretty thick these days eecue.

  3. “A little thick to be Britney”? That’s exactly WHY it’s Britney – girl’s ass is blowing up faster than – …KFed’s career?

    I seemed to have lost that one there.

  4. more important than any of these details… WHERE IS HER ENTOURAGE??
    seriously, she can’t go anywhere by herself. If this is really her, she’d have some huge dude or friend with her at all times. Personal safety at least.

  5. That’s not Britney. In recent pics she is much slimmer than that and does not have a double chin. As stated, she also doesn’t go anywhere without her bodyguard/sister/mother/assistant.

  6. I wish it were Britney yall.
    I be luvin that cuntry gurl.
    she makes hillbillies lookem soapfistacated

  7. Tehanuu…what britney have you been seeing lately? Girlfriend is NOT slimmer than the girl in the pic. She’s not fat but she’s in no way thin or thinner than the girl in the pic.

  8. that is not britney unless she gained ALOT of weight . i mpretty sure brit doesn thave a doublke chin either…

  9. looks like that lady is AT LEAST 30 or over…very old and has a double chin NOT BRITNEYlooks like that lady is AT LEAST 30 or over…very old and has a double chin NOT BRITNEY

  10. OMG LIKE DUH – it is sooo totally her. What other rapidly gaining weight white trash post birth momma carries a sidekick??? Goodness, the likeness is indeed amazing. And btw, you are all wrong, she indeed does have a double chin…remember she is very short…the fat doesn’t have a whole lotta room to spread around.

  11. where are her body guards? where do you think, they took the picture isnt that in their contract with britney, how else is she gonna make money these days we all know kfeds music career went down the drain b4 it started.

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